Datasys Building

DATA-SYS Advanced Testing Center, LLC offers services for electrical control and panel building. Our panel shop is fully equipped to handle custom jobs that require design, machining, fabrication and automated systems integration utilizing pick and place actuators, pneumatics, stepper/servo motors, motion controlled drives and PLC programing as well as customer specific component and or assembly test stand design and fabrication. DATA-SYS is also offers third party independent testing services serving engineering and design, manufacturing, power generation, processing and many other fields. DATC will work with you from the inception of your product through the certification and verification of the product, throughout its life by using the required engineering discipline and testing through the use of electro-dynamic vibration testing, environmental testing, field data acquisition testing, servo-hydraulic, and machine dynamics testing. We work with you to expand your ever growing needs for product development and testing. We will also form alliances and/or partnerships with external firms to support engineering, design and prototyping of new and redesigned products.

DATA-SYS Advanced Technology Center, LLC. and our strategic partners offer a consortium of services to assist engineering and testing resources in all industries and military with product design, development, proto tying and testing of a product or product line from the original idea through a products life.

DATA-SYS offers the solution through experience and confidence for your product development and testing needs in a professional and timely process. We will assist you with reducing manufacturing costs, increasing product reliability, reducing warranty and recall expense and reducing your time to market schedule.

DATA-SYS designs and builds electrical controls and panels, customer specific test and manufacturing equipment, performs vibration testing, mechanical shock testing, environmental testing, thermal shock testing, salt fog, EMI/EMC, Stresscoat brittle coating and strain gage testing, correlations to FEA, load and fatigue testing, machine dynamics, field and test track data acquision, drive train analysis, mechanical design correlations and mobile hardwire data acquision or telemetry and or a combination of one or more of these tasks.

In today’s economy with the decrease of internal testing facilities and internal resources being reduced due to the loss of experienced personnel making a change or retiring we offer a single resource to support and or manage a project whether it is new, existing or redesign program.

Contact DATA-SYS for your individual or industry specific environmental, thermal shock and altitude testing requirements.